Sunday, January 4, 2009

Good Buys and DD Mystery Progress

Ok so I went to my local Marden's !! Deals on fabric!! I love this place!! Bolts and Bolts of good fabric way discounted because they buy surplus!! The most expensive was 3.99 a yard!!

I walked away spending close to 75.00 on fabric but 24.00 was 8 yards of this!!It has little flip flops all over!! Perfect for Miss Em's Quilt!! It will be used as a backing !! And a little extra for mess ups or what not!! I bought a lot because you never know if you will ever see it again!!
This is just a little more of some fabric i bought between Marden's and Joanns
I am envisioning a quilt of some kind but not sure....
Then we have my progress on the DD Mystery Quilt... was not sure if I liked the rust colored fabric in place of the Cheddar but I did peek at steps 2, 3 , 4 and put them all together and do like the combo!!

At Joann's I also picked up 3 of these on clearance Cinderella, Princesses and Little Mermaid fabric books.

and this on clearance!! Em loves Prates for some reason and I thought I would make her this....


Roslyn Atwood said...

Oh no, now another site to check out, Marden's?!
working on DD, still on step two. Love the flip flops!

Colleen formerly of South Africa said...

I am only just cutting clue 1 things...way behind you. But yours are looking good.